1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Meet The Team
  1. Chantal Francoeur
    Peter Coxford
  2. Alison Curtis
    Victoria Barlow
    Vice President Academics
  3. Sam Torrens
    Abby Litchfield
    Vice President Communications
  4. Description Title
    Eric Potts
    Vice President Events
  5. Title
    Myles Marques
    Vice President of Finance
  6. Title
    Selina Phan
    Ivey Representative
  7. Title
    Brian Yao
    External Representative
  8. Title
    Josh Swift
    External Representative
  9. Title
    Nolan Frew
    Urban Development Representative
  10. Title
    Jody Yu
    GIS Representative
  11. Title
    Aiden Poole
    Fourth Year Representative
  12. Title
    Terel Miles
    Third Year Representative
  13. Title
    Veronica Reitmeier
    Third Year Representative
  14. Title
    Sydney Kucera
    Third Year Representative
  15. Title
    Naythan Samuda
    First Year Representative